postpartum brown discharge and vaginal soreness?


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i had a vaginal birth 2mon before and still i am havin brown dishcharge like lochia… is this normal? and i have stinging sensation while i urinate and according to doc mine skin is little bit fragile and it will take time to heal without anymedication and after all test thr is no infection….i am really worried for mine discharge and stinging urine sensation…is everything normal ? does anybody had a same experience……

pls help


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  1. This is normal. However, I was soar with each of my girls for about a year after birth. It wasn't a sharp pain for that long but it's this dull ache that makes you feel swollen and like your vagina weighs ten pounds. It usually only happens after sex though. It will quickly get better from here on out though.

  2. I would call the doctor right away. Don't take chances with your insides at all. If it's nothing, then you know. If it is something that needs antibiotics, then you should get this looked at. Either way it is a win/win situation.

  3. Did you have a tear or did you have an episiotomy? This could be the cause of the stinging. WHen urine hits the wound it could cause it to sting. It could also cause it to become infected. I had a stinging sensation after my second child who really tore me up! I started cleaning the area with peroxide and applying an antibiotic ointment. After a couple of days I began to feel better. I did it for about a week. No sex. It can make it worse.

  4. sounds a bit like a minor infection
    go to the doctor just incase is what i advice

  5. Its normal especially if you had a tear or an episiotomy. Urine will burn this area until it is completely healed. I had the same thing especially after I had a 10 lb 15 oz baby vaginally.

  6. Its hard to describe, but it may be a yeast infection. In most cases the discharge is yellowish but the birth may have affected its color? Don't get me to lying….. I don't know!!!

  7. Hey, you are gonna be sore down there for a while, if there is no infection coming up on the tests, then thats should ease your mind a bit.

    I took months to be able to pee comfortably after I gave birth, youve got to remember eveything inside you has
    been battered and bruised, your lady bits have been stretched beyond belief – its gonna take a while to turn back to normal.

    I bled red heavy bood for 10 weeks after I had mine, in the end I had to get some medication to stop it, so still having some brown sounds normal to me. At least its brown now – hopefully htat means its slowing down a bit and should stop soon.

  8. Ten days to several weeks postpartum, you should already have whitish to whitish yellow lochia. Its already 2 months postpartum.However, the brownish discharge could be coming from a wound at the vaginal area considering that it is painful when you urinate. True lochia is admixed with mucoid material coming from the uterus. If it is not mucoid , probably it came from the vaginal area only. Better consult again with your OB so she can have direct visualization of the area. Lacerations are sutured with absorbable catgut and sometimes it dissolves at a slow rate and the point of suturing when wet with urine gets painful.All the same see your OB.

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