please help : my vagina feels uncomfortable, raw; could it be a yeast infection?

I’m only 13. and I’m kind of worried. It does itch terribly, but its uncomfortable. and if i do itch it, it feels "raw". I had diahhrea the day before yesterday and I may have gotten some in there. I’ve washed with water down there and have showered, but it still feels bad? Any suggestions? Please help.

i really dont want it to be a yeast infection, because dont you have to insert that pill? I’ve never even inserted a tampon. :/
i meant to say DOESNT itch terribly.


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3 Responses to please help : my vagina feels uncomfortable, raw; could it be a yeast infection?

  1. Dr. DOLY says:

    if you are virgin and have vaginal itching, it could be Yeast Infection or Bacterial Vaginosis – check below – see – Vaginal Itching – Yeast Infection – Bacterial Vaginosis and see also some Natural Remedies for it

  2. Miss Me says:

    You take one pill orally. The creams are the ones you have to put in there. (and its kinda gross)

  3. Lissa says:

    If you have a yeast infection then you will most likely notice a cottage cheese like discharge. Yes, it is very itchy, and it could feel raw as well. Be careful not to scratch too hard, it could cause bleeding and further irritation. Yeast infections can easily be cured by one pill of Diflucan that you take by mouth. Get it from your doctor! Most over the counter treatments for yeast infections DO NOT work, and are not pleasant to try and work with. Your doctor will probably do a vaginal exam to confirm what may be going on down there.

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