Pitbull with vaginal discharge….Worried?


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On Oct. 31 my husband bred our pit (I did not agree) But anyways. She is now having a white to yellowish dicharge. I am going to the vet, but just wanted to know if this is normally what happens after being bred or if she maybe sick. Please any info will help calm my nerves..

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  1. this could be the dreaded pyrometria or a vaginal infection. I'd not waste time heading to the vet – speed could save her life

  2. this could just be a vaginal infection… some dogs have discharge but it is good to get it checked out becuase they can pass on any infection to their puppies if not treated… So it would be better to have her checked out by a trained proffesional and get medication if needed!!!

    Good luck and hope everything goes well… and I am sure those puppies are going to be too cute, I just love Pitts!!!

  3. Oh, gross, lol. This reminds me of when Brown-Eye is in heat. She's a Red Nose Pit and her cooter gets huge and is so nasty. We have to make her wear diapers. =(

    Discharge is normal, but I don't know about the coloring. Yeah, see a vet right now. If you know anyone who is really smart with animals, ask them and make them check it out.

  4. I've never seen that with my girls. There is a possibility of pyometra, a deadly uterine infection.

  5. It is probly an infection, It is only normal if it is clear or milky discharge. My girl had a milky discharge threw her whole pregnancy, and was normal, but if it is yellow, green, bloody or foul smell it could be an infection.

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