Pimple on vagina yeast infection?

well i have a pimple on the outer lip of my vagina it itches and sometimes hurts is it a yeast infection? im afriad to get it checked by a doctor it’s just a phobia people seeing my private part. and i can’t swallow pills if they do give me pills. or is it an STD? i never had sex im only 13. im not sexually active im worried.
oh and i never shaved or wax that area


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5 Responses to Pimple on vagina yeast infection?

  1. shaggy says:

    Never mind , it will go away

  2. kim says:

    It’s probably an ingrown hair.

  3. Jmacdonald says:

    its not a yeast infection or an std, it’ll go away

  4. hecla 1 says:

    STD = sexually transmitted disease, in the absence of sex it would not be likely to be that. yeast infections usually have thick foul smelling discharge along with itching/burning of the outer vagina. shaving can cause razor bumps, but in the absence of shaving that would be highly unlikely. It could however be an ingrown hair, it may go away or become infected, best advice, tell your mom you think that you have an ingrown hair on your vagina

  5. staceee says:

    Thats totally normal. No need to worry about it. If you want to make it go away quick other then just waiting it out use some kind of acne cream or wash and it will dry it out just make sure you dont get it inside your vagina.

    Good luck! hope this helped.

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