pelvic pain & vaginal odor.?


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Okay when i lay down and feel my fallopian tubes it feels like they are swollen. It's more so on the left side. Like i press into them and they move around feel hard. And i get pain in my uterus occasionally too. I'm supposed to start my period this week and this hasnt happened before. Also i've been having this weird yellow/white gel discharge from down there too. I tried and over the counter cream for yeast infections and it seemed to relieve me of the discharge but it just keeps coming back. I already made an appt. with the doctor so can someone tell me what might be going on especially with the pelvic thing?
I'm not pregnant and i have no chances of even being pregnant because i havent had sex since I was 16 and it was protected~

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  1. Could you have a tubulr pregnacy? If not then wait to see what your doctor say's

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