Pau D’Arco for vaginal yeast infection?


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So I went to see a doctor a while ago for a vaginal yeast infection. Then, I went to Natures Fare, a health-food store, to get something to help with it. The lady suggested I take Pau D’arco, but I’m wondering how exactly it is to be taken, because I know some medications for these you take orally, but some you are supposed to put in the vagina, and I’m not sure which for this one. Anyone know?
The doctor told me to go there first and find something to take, and then if it didnt help, THEN go and take the prescription.

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  1. Do you want vaginal yeast forever? Use the medication your doctor told you to use, and don’t visit this chamber of horrors. Yes, I would sell you anything myself. My sister will sell anything to anyone, anytime. But take the real stuff.

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