Onion Vaginal Odor?


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I've always had a clean smelling vaginal but 3 months ago it started smelling like onions sort of, only during intercourse. no discharge only during intercourse like thick coating and thats what smelled like onions. it comes and goes but mainly comes. I don't smell it if i masturbate only if im having intercourse, my cum doesn't smell like it just that thick coating that smells like onions during intercourse. i've had a BV before but last time i had that i had alot of white discharge and it smelled fishy not like onions. could this be it again ?

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  1. Its possible, are you using protection during intercourse
    Go see your doctor for a check-up, and make sure you explain the details.

  2. probably bacterial vaginitis. usually metronidazole (oral or vaginal cream) could help. but please do see your OBGYN for further checkup.

  3. Vaginal infection is a strong possibility but your best bet would be to see your gynaecologist.

  4. you need to have your body and heart checked- by your doctors-your worth true love-seek and you shall find
    Live with self esteem even when you are engaged to be married in true love for life, and be the type that is about a diamond ring.

    we reap what we sow. its good in the blessed light.

    in amazing grace that saved me=John 3 repented of my sins, and let Jesus in my heart to be my savior and best friend. He promised "I love you and knock on your heart door to come in when you repent (even of one lie) do it quickly, Behold I stand at your heart door and knock, if you let me in I will be your friend." Revelation 3:19&20
    so I prayed to be helped too = "Jesus thanks that you love me, I am sorry for my sins so help me do better, come into my heart and be my friend, amen."
    this changed my life wonderfully and gave me inner peace in the midst of storms and now I have Jesus the good shepherd to guide my life happily each day Psalm 23 & John 10 in the more abundant life!

    prayin for you too the best, David

    you will smell like heaven honey

  5. It might be Bacterial Vaginosis which is not sexualy transmitted but you do need to see a doctor to get treated.

    I worked for a OBYGYN DOCTOR 6 years.

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