Non-fishy Vaginal odor….?


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I’m 18 and on my 3rd week of Loestrin 24Fe, I used to have EXTREMLY heavy periods (were talkin 5 or 6 super tampons a day for 5 days) and when I started the pills I bleed what i’d call regular for 7 day then lightly up until the 3rd week. The blood from the 2nd week looked and smell… old, very dark, and it had a smell not fishy but hard to explain but almost like something dead…. the smell and tan colored dischage has stayed…. Any suggestion?

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  1. The vagina is self-cleaning and since you are on Loestrin, it could be your body is trying to clean it out. Old blood that is darker, more brown will smell somewhat and will smell more when exposed to air or when sitting a long time on a pad.

    See your doctor if you are concerned.

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