My vaginal odor smells like coffee?

I have noticed that my vagina smalls like coffee, like fresh brewed coffee. I don’t even drink coffee but I do drink a lot of soda pop. It gets worse around my period. Anyone else have this problem?


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7 Responses to My vaginal odor smells like coffee?

  1. Dawn M says:

    stop douching with coffee

  2. avalonsbaby says:

    It’s the caffeine- apparently it’s bad for you around your period, makes symptoms worse or something. Replace your soda pop with water and your.. situation won’t smell like fresh brewed coffee

  3. Jengis says:

    get out from coffee and go to doctor NOW

  4. Isabelle says:

    no. your a douche.

  5. Brandon S says:

    Try cutting the soda out for a couple of days. Diet is directly reated to how your area smells.

  6. civil devilz says:

    consult a gynecologic doctor

  7. Lizzie says:

    Better than fish.

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