My vagina stinks and I dont have an infection.?


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My husband won't even perform oral sex because of it. It has allways had somewhat of a smell, but after I had my last child, the smell has gotten worse.

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  1. You could have to much bacteria… That always causes a fishy smell. I would talk to your GYN about an antibiotic to rid of any bacteria…No bacteria, no smell… Also take warm soapy baths…That will help rinse things out in a less harsh why than douching…


  3. Go see an OBGYN, but you can also douche, just don't do it too often because you can get ride of the good flora in your virgina.

    Make sure that you are bathing enough as well. Heavy people tend to need to bath a little more frequently because of perspiration.

  4. go see your doctor.also drink lots and lots of can also try cranberry i know its for the ut but it helps the aroma also.water water no sugars,no baths,no douche,these things are bad bad bad for you.keep it cool down there when dressing skip the underwear.let your little girl breath.yes it takes some getting used to but it is highly recommended.

  5. You probably do have an infection if you have such a bad odour. Strange as it sounds is there any possibility a tampon may have been forgotten inside and lodged itself (that happens and absolutely causes a bad odour after awhile). I think you really need to see a doctor though since there is obviously something causing this odour.

  6. could be a bacterial infection or just too much bacteria.. check with your doctor and take some nice baths and really clean it out.. use your fingers to get in there

  7. Sometimes this is as simple as changing your diet. Try to figure out if it is something that you like to eat, keep track of what you leave out of your diet for a while, and maybe you can figure it out. Talk to a gynecologist about it and see what they can come up with.
    ** as for the oral sex and your husband, maybe a nice fragrant douche before sex could help.
    ** Good luck, many girls I have known have had issues with that and it is not that uncommon.

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