my vagina smells but i dont have BC or yeast infection, why does it still smell ?


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I have already went to the OBGYN and they have done tests for bacterial vaginosis and a yeast infection and it came back negative. She said it did not smell to her but to me my vagina still smells and its always on my pantiliner. it is a very strong sour smell and it is very unpleasant during intercourse. =[
I don’t take any supplements or anything. I am in college and I’ve been stressing with finals and my period came twice this month. There was a week apart and in between this week it was smelling like it is now. I have been double checked twice for BV and yeast infection.

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  1. Try using a scented body wash. But it’s probably normal. A vagina has it’s own unique scent. They all have an odor. No need to worry about it, especially since it happens to everyone.

  2. Every woman has a natural scent. It is very concentrated in the genital area, and the fact that Westerners keep that area covered much of the time, it enhances the smell. It is not necessarily bad. If your GYN has ruled out infective processes and does not feel the odor is bad, there is likely nothing wrong. Westerners have pretty much tried to eliminate every natural odor, unpleasant or not from the human body. These odors contain pheromones and are chemical signals. If your partner does not object, then go with it! No douching. A good wash of the exterior daily is all you need, Revel in your femininity. Good Luck!

  3. Try illuminating nylon underwear and wear cotton, the skin will breath easier and the area will remain dryer. The smell should then disappear providing there is nothing else wrong.

  4. don’t use perfumed soaps or lotions, those can aggravate it. find a good oatmeal soap and lotion. use those every day and it will help with the ph balance and can even out the smell. if that doesn’t help as much as you want, you can try feminine hygiene spray, (you can find them in the aisle with the pads and pregnancy tests at wal mart) or the feminine powders. those don’t mask the smell, they work with your body’s chemistry to neutralize it to a "non-scent". if you’re really worried, just shower before intercourse and if that doesn’t help then ask your partner if it bothers them. most guys (girls, etc. whatever you’re into or who you’re sleeping with) actually get turned on by the smell. it’s nature’s way of helping you attract a mate. don’t use scented liners or pads, those can make it worse too (sometimes your liner may actually be the problem. not you). just keep it clean and even if it still smells a bit then at least you know it’s not "dirty". also, the smell will change over the course of your cycle so it may be stronger at certain times than others. if you have any specific questions or want to know other products that come in handy feel free to message me.

  5. Sour is your vaginal PH is off a bit, perhaps from something as simple as your diet. I am impressed you’ve been to the OBGYN and they tested you for the other two things. You can change the PH so it”s more balanced instead of acidic as it is now. You can eat an acidophilous yoghurt a day, or you can go to the pharmacy and buy the natural bacteria caspules that you take once a day – they are acidophilous as well but depending where you are, I don’t know what they are called where you are but you can go into the pharmacy and ask for acidophilous capsules or natural bacteria capsules. A change in diet or adding this to your diet can and will certainly change the PH of your vagina. Just an added tip, whatever you do DO NOT douche or wash out the inside of your vagina in anyway, this would cause a nasty infection and make the PH balance even more off. Take care 🙂

  6. ok as weird as this sounds, it may be the way you wipe when you urinate. wipe from front to back, because when you wipe back to front, you’re bringing bacteria to the front, making it smell bad.

    this SAME exact thing happened to me (going to the doctor and her saying it doesn’t smell) and when the doctor said this, i tried it and it really does make a big difference. so try that, and you’ll notice in the first day or 2 that it doesn’t smell anymore.

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  8. are you taking birth control, nuva ring gave me a bad smell and when I changed to lo estrin it still wont go away I’m sure it’s a horminal upset causing the ph disruption. I came off all my bc and it went away no problems. so now I’m looking into another form of bc. I was tested for everything too and negative for bv and everything else.

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