My vagina itches, and the outside burns when I pee…and I have a little white discharge …?


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what is wrong with me, I have no stds or diseases like that…I have been checked and still sleeping with the same person.

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  1. it could be that you have walts or you have saved and it itches!! or u have a cancer but i cant remember what its called .. i sugest you go to see your doctor a.s.a.p!! VERY IMPORANT

  2. Well it does sound like herps, but if you hvnt had sexx then it doesn't matter you can still get herpes by sexual excitment.

    It could be a yeast infection aswell;!

    Go to a doctor or get some vaginal wash asap!


  3. you might have a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection…they have at home tests for vaginal infections…go to walgreens honey n get you one…and if you dont have an infection…i would go to the dr…

  4. either you have a yeast infection, or and std which sounds like clymidia. I'd go to the doctor sweet heart, and get rid of however you are sleeping with because he is not being truthful with you.

  5. I think it is just a infection. You should go to your gyn. and get checked again just in case. It can take STDs up to sixty days to show.

    Best of luck!

  6. sounds like a classic yeast infection to me… go to walgreens n get some monistat… it's not that expensive and your infection should go away pretty soon.

  7. you should get checked out because it could be something very serious well at least get checked every month to see whats wrong.

  8. if you've been checked recently then your ob/gyn should be able to give you some kind of creme for it.
    try a different specialist to make sure your clear. i hate to tell you that although you might be in a monogamus relationship your partner might not obide by those rules.

    Best of Luck!!!

  9. you have a common candida infection babe called thrush, it is not an std and it occurs when the environment inside the vagina is disturbed thus causing an overgrowth of yeast.. possible causes could be due to taking anti biotics, wearing tight fitting clothing in the vaginal area, douching or just generally being run down.. get u some anti fungal cream and get some for your boy too as you may infect him if you's are having unprotected sex. i hope you are feeling more comfortable soon!

  10. You probably have a yeast infection. It does Not mean your partner is being unfaithful. Some girls just get it after getting their period. Sperm causes it too. Don't get alarmed. Just go buy Monistat vaginal cream, this should make the itching and the infection go away.

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