My vagina itches and is leaking white discharge not WHITE but something like semen,(sperm)?


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Well i was trying to have sex with my boyfriend,he is not a virgin but iam and he was wearing a condom he didnt put his dick all the way in just the tip because it hurt it me, we had try before without a condom and now that we are trying to do it with one it hurted me.. and i got this reaction. 2hrs later we woke up and he gave me oral sex,i always take a shower after oral sex but this time i took a shower until 7:30pm,we did that the same day but in the morning around 5am(oral sex).i dont know what to do what should i do,im really scared.this happen tuesday night and i started getting itchy wednesday night and by thursday i saw that i had i guess discharge..what should i do? is it an alleric reaction to the condom(trojan latex,extra lubricated)or what could it be?HELP ME PLEASE!

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  1. It is either a latex allergy or you have a yest infection, even some other infection. I suggest going to see your doctor.

  2. I would recomend getting it checked by a doc, it may be all you listed or it may be infection or a transmitted disease. He may carry a disease and not have symptoms and it may manifest in you… well worth a visit to a clinic.

  3. sounds like it could be a yeast infection or possibly an allergic reaction to the condom. see your gynecologist and don't ever have sex without a condom.

  4. It's probably not an allergic reaction because the symptoms would come a lot sooner. Do you know if you have an allergy to latex?

    Most likely you have a yeast infection which you can easily treat with vagisil cream or a one time pill called Fluconazole (ask your MD). You get yellowish/white discharge from yeast infection. In medicine they taught us that it looks like cottage cheese, but I think it's not so thick. But if the discharge is very smelly and discolored, you should get it checked out.

    Of course, if you are worried about STD, you should always see your gynecologist to get tested sooner rather than later.

    And for future reference, condoms without spermicide cause less irritation. Trojan magnums are my favorite brand – they are the least irritating of any others I've tried. THe spermicide doesn't contribute much if you're using the condom right.

  5. Probably an allergic reaction to the latex condom. The next time he Fcuks you in your tight, pink box, try a non-latex condom.

    For a more thorough explanation, you'll need to send me pics of your box.

  6. sounds like a yeast infection to me. Go to the doctor to make sure it isn't something more serious.

  7. You are too immature to even think about having sex.

    Please do not try again for several months, if not years.

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