My Vagina has been leaking, and also has a bad odor.?


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My Vagina has been leaking a clear yellowish fluid for the past four days, there is also an odor, Unfortunately my GYN appointment is not until later this month, any suggestions?

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  1. I would go to the ER it could be serious. Also can harm you in other ways in the future. I would go as soon as possible. Good luck

  2. sounds like a yeast infection.. try a tampon soaked in buttermilk ,, let the milk warm to room temperature in a small glass and use it about 4 times a day, you can even wear one overnight.. if its yeast it will clear up almost the first day. My health department nurse told me this and Ive been doing it for at least 30 years with complete success. Saved tons of money as well.

  3. You have a yeast infection, they have over the counter medicine for that. Go get it now, because it will get worse the longer you wait.

  4. You need to explain to them the situation and have your appointment rescheduled to an early date.This could be serious.It sounds like some sort of infection and some infections if untreated cause infertility.I suggest you make an appointment for today if possible,please dont wait too long.Once you explain your symptoms to the nurse on the phone im sure that she will recommend you come in right away.You could also have a year infection either way you need to go and make sure that is what it is.Good luck.

  5. Could be a ovarian cyst that ruptured,if so,it usually go goes away-but to be sure better contact your dr.

  6. Do not douche!

    You don't mention any pain or itching which would strongly indicate yeast infection. Yeast tends to have a pasty discharge. I'd recommend you call your Gynecologist's office and ask if you can be seen earlier. Otherwise, go to an urgent care clinic.

    No matter what, start eating yogurt, or get some acidophilus tablets in the health food section and eat some 3 or 4 times a day. Even if this isn't a yeast infection, acidophilus will help your vagina be healthy.

  7. It sounds like you caught an STD… you should go to a different doctor to see what the problem could be.

  8. Try some Vagisile until you get to the doctor's it takes care of the odor and it makes you feel more fresh and clean wear pantyliners so your panties don't get stained.

  9. You may have vaginitis.
    "When you have vaginitis, you may notice:

    * Vaginal itching.
    * An increase in vaginal discharge.
    * A change in the color of the discharge.
    * A strong vaginal odor, especially after sex."

    Are any of those statements correct?

    I think you should try to move your appointment up, if you can.

  10. It sounds like you have a yeast infection. You could try an over the counter treatment, like Monistat or Vagisil for itch and try to get your appt moved up.

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