my period is 2 days late i have no cramps or pms symptoms at all, and kinda thick vaginal discharge?


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i took a pregancy test today and it was negative but i'm worried it might be too soon is it normal to have the discharge before a period or does this sound more like pregnancy?

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  1. It could be a sign of either. Although with most woman, a heavier discharge is normal before you get your period, thanks to the hormones. If the test was negative and you are for sure late, it probably is accurate. Stress and other things can cause a late period. If you want, go get a blood test, that will be accurate 100%.

  2. If you have a bacterial infection, or just a little misbalance in your ph, that could cause the discharge also. Even the best pregnancy test won't tell you after two days… Did you have sex approximately 15-17 days ago? If so, you could be pregnant. Assume that you are, and take care of yourself and the baby until you know for sure. Take Folic Acid (in all prenantal vitamins, you can get those even at a Dollar Store 😉 and wait another week before taking a new test again. Make sure you use the cup method (pee in a cup and dip the test in) and also that you use first morning pee. This is important because during the day the more you drink the more the hormone is diluted in your urine and can give you a false negative… Good LUCK!

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