My guinea pig has some weird vaginal discharge?


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I've just seen it for the first time today. Its like pinkish brown and I think I might have seen a little bit of blood. She also looks skinnier =\. I'm gonna take her to the vet tomorrow but I wanna know if anyone knows what it could possibly be and if its serious? Her diet is normal consists of timothy hay pellets, timothy hay and half a cup of veggies each day, shes like a year and a half old.
No shes not pregnant thats 100% sure, maybe she has some urinal tract infection?!?! ionno.

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  1. Do you feed her Vitamin C everyday? I do not think this is the cause of her vaginal discharge, but it is still very important to a guinea pig. I would just listen to your vet. After all, he went to college for this stuff.

  2. I've heard of that happening when the piggie was pregnant and the baby died before birth, but never when they have gotten skinnier, I honestly don't know..sorry that didn't really help.

    Maybe, blader infection is possible.. that happens in humans or kidney stones are common in guinea pigs.. could be that.

  3. She will most likely have a bladder infection. This is caused by bacteria most likely entering the vagina and multiplying which causes the bacterial infection.

    And may I Point out that you must feed them at least 1 FULL cup of veggies a day instead of half.

    But you MUST get her to the vet as soon as possible to confirm of what maybe wrong with her

    I hope this helps!!! 🙂

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