My guinea pig has some weird vaginal discharge?

I've just seen it for the first time today. Its like pinkish brown and I think I might have seen a little bit of blood. She also looks skinnier =\. I'm gonna take her to the vet tomorrow but I wanna know if anyone knows what it could possibly be and if its serious? Her diet is normal consists of timothy hay pellets, timothy hay and half a cup of veggies each day, shes like a year and a half old.
No shes not pregnant thats 100% sure, maybe she has some urinal tract infection?!?! ionno.


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4 Responses to My guinea pig has some weird vaginal discharge?

  1. ratluvr says:

    Do you feed her Vitamin C everyday? I do not think this is the cause of her vaginal discharge, but it is still very important to a guinea pig. I would just listen to your vet. After all, he went to college for this stuff.

  2. lollypie100 says:

    I've heard of that happening when the piggie was pregnant and the baby died before birth, but never when they have gotten skinnier, I honestly don't know..sorry that didn't really help.

    Maybe, blader infection is possible.. that happens in humans or kidney stones are common in guinea pigs.. could be that.

  3. Chick-A- Deedle says:

    She could be in her estrus cycle.

  4. Guinea Pig Carer says:

    She will most likely have a bladder infection. This is caused by bacteria most likely entering the vagina and multiplying which causes the bacterial infection.

    And may I Point out that you must feed them at least 1 FULL cup of veggies a day instead of half.

    But you MUST get her to the vet as soon as possible to confirm of what maybe wrong with her

    I hope this helps!!! :-)

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