my g/f usually doesnt have a vaginal odor.last week i think she cheated. now has an odor.did she cheat?


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  • does girlfriend fishy oder mean she\s cheating
  • does stinky vagina means shes having an afair?
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5 Responses to my g/f usually doesnt have a vaginal odor.last week i think she cheated. now has an odor.did she cheat?

  1. wantstoknow says:

    not nessecarily, it could be that she is taking some new vitamins or pills, or it might be that she has a reaction to something that is going on inside her, it doesn't have to be cheating, plus if she cheated and got something it wouldn't show so soon

  2. YvieRaku says:

    first off, get your facts straight. women can have odor for a number of reasons. and sex with another man is not really one of them. women's bodies go through a lot of hormaonal shifts throughout every month and their lives. plus things like what you eat and drink on a daily basis can all affect this too. wearing non-cotton undiew and not drinking enough thorughout the day can cause odor. maybe you should just ask, in a non-machoistic way if there is anything new going on in her life. if her behavior hasn't changed and she's still diggin' you and you relationship, chill. you don't want to cause problems in a good relationship.

  3. swtgretchen says:

    god we can't be perfect all the time, maybe it's getting ready to be that time of the month….just like you men always jumping to conclusions.

  4. prindip says:

    it depends on her physical/mental condition.theres many reasons for odor,better u can ask her honestly.also if a woman intend to cheat her partner she could do it in many—

  5. badasslilnici says:

    Could be a yeast infection. Yeast is a naturally occuring thing in all of us and sometimes it gets out of whack and becomes something that needs treated. If she gets treated, you'll need to get treated as well as you can pass it back and forth. Personally, I think if you worth a d*** as a boyfriend you'd be 100% concerned with her health and 0% suspicious of her cheating on you.

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