My cat has a white discharge coming from her vagina,what is this?

I recently scheduled an appointment with the vet to get her checked on,because she has been acting very strange. I had to reschedule because of a big snow storm we got and she won’t be seen until next week.

I noticed yesterday she has a white discharge that appears to be coming from her vagina. What is this?

Any advice would be great…thank you.
No,she is not spayed. I had an appointment to get her spayed as well but had to cancel that out until she could be seen by the doctor.

She’ll be 1 in May,if that helps any.


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4 Responses to My cat has a white discharge coming from her vagina,what is this?

  1. RSED says:

    if she is NOT spayed, and she is having the discharge, then it needs to be checked ASAP to make sure there is not a uterine infection. If there is the infection, then it is life threatening. cats do not walk upright, and the infection cannot drain out of their bodies (like it can in human’s) so the infection will fester and get worse until the immune system and all major organs are compromised. she needs an emergency spay.

    if she IS spayed, then I dont know what the discharge could be from….but if she is acting sick, then it is something that needs to be addressed ASAP especially if it has been goin on for over 24 hours.

    google the term "pyometra in cats" if she is not spayed. If she was in heat, the color from the discharge would be more pink or red. a white discharge is a warning, it can be puss, signifying an infection (and a fever will be present, that may be why she is acting wierd), if it is a green dishcharge then it is full blown infection and and life threatening.

  2. Mrs. V says:

    She’s in heat! Only way to solve it is to get her fixed

  3. H says:

    Is she spayed? She could have an open pyometra (uterine infection) and pus draining from her vulva if she is not! I would get her in as quickly as possible, it is life threatening if that is what it is! Good luck!

  4. Truth Teller says:

    cat yeast infection or in heat

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