my baby has vaginal discharge,,,,?


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my almost 3 week old baby girl has vaginal discharge,,which i know is normal,,,,now my question is……..should i clean it out?…..or should i just let it be??? ,,will it come out by itself…..its like stuck kinda,,,,i dont wanna hurt her,,,,,its just gross,,,i dunno,,,,what do i do???….i do clean out what ever is super visable,,,but under her fold,,shes got a ton of gunk,,,,,????????? help??????

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  1. Definitely ask your doctor…don't do anything you wouldn't know about fully…

  2. You should always be cleaning her around her folds and such when you change her. That might be why she has "gunk" built up… If you do clean her every time, then I would contact a doctor, because that doesn't sound normal.

  3. Don't dig around to try and clean it out. It's not hurting her by being there, but you might hurt her trying to clean it. Assuming you're bathing her regularly, it should go away by itself in a few weeks.

  4. Hun, earlier you asked a question about your baby running a fever and being constipated and now she has vaginal discharge. Please take her to the doctor.

  5. just clean what is visible…….ask your pediatrician next time you see her she might have a yeast infection. Using baby wipes excessively can cause it. It is best to use a warm wash cloth to clean her down there. You will find that it will clean her better than a baby wipe anyway. Only use wipes when you are out of the house for quick easy cleaning.

  6. It's normal for a girl infant that age to have vaginal discharge. I had a 6-mo old bb girl. I used cotton bud wet with baby oil to clean her after every bath. It's easier to clean if it was soaked, so I did it after bathing her with lukewarm water. Trust ur instinct as a mother. You won't hurt her.
    Happy trails to motherhood!

  7. i clean my baby with a q-tip when i'm bathing her…it's really quick and easy this way It does get yucky!

  8. Clean it, sometimes I'm not able to get it all at once. Also check under her armpits. My daughter had layers of skin under her armpits and I found old gunk from when she was born. And also check behind the ears.

  9. my new baby has a vaginal discharges. a little blood coming out for almost a week. Is it normal?

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