Musty vaginal odor?

About once a month, I get a musty vaginal odor. It's not fishy at all, just musty, like the smell after sex. I've been with the same partner for 2 years, and have been tested for both STDs and infections recently, all clean. I did have sex last week, could this odor just be from ovulation, sex, or my shower gel? And I usually wear cotton panties.
Also, I naturally have heavy discharge.
Also also, I'm on Yasmin. Could it be my diet?
We don't use condoms


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6 Responses to Musty vaginal odor?

  1. davely e says:

    that must be your smell.does not mean something is wrong with you.everybody got their own smell.if you use condoms they usually leave smell healthy good luck…

  2. AJ says:

    it can be the pill causing a few chemicals to release in your discharge. also clean up after sex, it can be really stinky and unsafe if you just let that stuff sit in there while you sleep and stuff.

    also try a lil feminine spray BUT only in your hairs. and not too much . hairs hold odors so putting spray there is more effective AND if you out it in contact with your vagina, it can cause a yeast infection so be careful

  3. heogog says:

    Most people have a musty odor after sex…it's the combination of you and him. It's natural to smell differently after intercourse.
    Not to worry. Your lubrication and his semen combine to give a different than usual smell. Just wash- and earing cotton panties is a great idea.

  4. Zanjkor says:

    I would like to smell your vagina!

  5. TweetyBoo212 says:

    It's probably just the discharge.Just shower daily and the smell should go away.

  6. Rightway says:

    I clicked your question because I just started having this problem. I just startes yaz birth control pills and I think that may be the link. I never had this before the pills.

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