Missed period and increase in vaginal discharge?


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Well my problem is that I missed my period this month. It should have came November 21st and it is now the 27th. I know it kinda early to worry, but I've never missed a period before. And I'm only 16. Also, I noticed an increase in vaginal discharge of a clear or yellowish color. And I do recall maybe a day before my expected period a tiny bit a spotting, but it was of a kinda brownish red color and never showed again after the one time.

Any idea what this could be? I can't be pregnant, I'm not sexually active. Never have been. And I am a bit stressed lately so I thought that could have been it, but what would explain the increase in discharge?

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  1. Your only 6 days late….And i bet it is because you are stressing stress can screw up your cycle

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