Late on period … now brown vaginal discharge?


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I’m more than 2 months late for my period (this is a first time) I’m usually very regular and the latest I’ve been has been 2 weeks. I went to the gyno she discarded STDs, pregnancy (since I’ve been having unprotected sex with my b/f) and/or cysts as being the cause. I also have little to no stress, no history of serious medical problems, thyroid or PCOS. She gave me Provera to induce my period, but after finishing my dose (now 5 days) it hasn’t come. This week, I began having a light pink/brown discharge that only shows when I wipe. Today I had this same discharge only it was somewhat thicker and stringy. Is this my period? Or possibly a warning that I’m about to get it?

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  1. Sounds like your just starting again, if its a lite pink colour your just starting.
    If your not sure masturbate haha I know that sounds sorta (you know) but it helps you get your period quicker.
    Hope I helped

  2. i get brownish discharge before my actual menstrual flow comes. I think its like when your vagina is cleaning itself and there is not enough blood. So its that wierd combo..
    but do what your gyno says and enjoy your time off your period!

  3. It sounds like the start of your period again. It takes a while after starting a period-inducing pill for it to kick in. If it stays within the light pink/dark brown color area, then you’re fine. But if it gets orange-colored and/or very horrible smelling, I suggest you talk to your gyno immediately.

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