Ladies what foods should you eat prior to oral intercourse that will avoid vaginal odor?


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Are there foods that should be avoided prior to oral intercourse that will avoid vaginal odor? What foods will help you taste better?

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  1. There are no specific food that has direct corelaion with the vaginal odour. It is function of an individual jus as odour of sweat is a function of an individual. If u feel pungent, in the surrounding areas u can apply some scent or may apply some honey in viscinity.
    But take my advise, leav it as it is; soon u shall start enjoyinmg it, just as u enjoy liquor.

  2. that is something that you have to regularly take care of. It's not a quick fix. Drink water, watch your salt intake. And use good hygiene methods so you won't develop bacteria that can also cause odor.

  3. it probably varies body to body

    obviously you want to do all the bathing and everything . . .

    regular exercise tends to have a positive effect

    in terms of diet, meats sometimes are heavier and carry more odor . . .

    the best foods are probably fresh fruits and many vegetables.

  4. if you have any odor in your private parts you should see a doctor. It doesn't matter what food you eat, you still should not stink. You might con side washing yourself with soap and water, don't be afraid to scrub up in yourself.

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