is white milky vaginal discharge normal can you get pregnant or still be pregnant.?


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6 Replies to “is white milky vaginal discharge normal can you get pregnant or still be pregnant.?”

  1. If your vaginal discharge is white and pasty, it means that you are approaching ovulation (within a few days). If the discharge is clear and snotlike, it means you are ovulating. You want to have sex at that point if you are trying to conceive; avoid it if you are not.

  2. I had a white discharge throughout my entire pregnancy starting at about 6 weeks pg. towards the end I had to wear a panty liner…I actually thought it was really gross. it has something to do with the mucus plug and maintaining it. so yes I think that it is a normal symptom of pregnancy. though for me not until I was about 6 – 8 weeks along.

  3. Yes, this is when you want to do the baby makin! If you are trying to avoid having a baby yet. You need to wait a while before. The milky white means ovulation is approaching. Yay you!

  4. I usually get it before ovulation…but I also had it for a few days during my 2WW this time…of course, A/F showed up too, sooooo….as far as I know, it's usually there when you're getting ready to ovulate.

    Good luck!

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