Is vaginal strep and yeast infection contagious to male partners ?


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If so what are the symptoms? Please help!!

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  1. Vaginal Strep –
    Group B strep (GBS) is not a contagious pathogen. It is, instead, part of the bacterial complement of many healthy people (carriers, or people who have been "colonized" with the bacterium) that can nevertheless cause disease if it breaks the blood barrier. GBS can be communicated to infants during childbirth and also infects older people or adults with otherwise compromised immune systems. This article will help you understand how GBS causes disease, but it should be understood that GBS is not contagious, and that people other than newborns who fall ill with GBS symptoms have become infected with strep already present in their own bodies.

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    Yeast Infection –
    Generally, a yeast infection is caused by an imbalance within the body and the vaginal area. Thus, yeast infections are not typically contagious and can’t be spread by skin to skin contact. In rare instances, sexual contact can transmit an overabundance of yeast to a sexual partner. When and if that occurs, the male partner may develop itching or a rash on his penis due to the overabundance of yeast. This transfer of yeast is not considered to be a sexually transmitted disease and is treatable.

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