IS THIS NORMAL? White, Paste-like vaginal discharge?

… it does not have any bad odor, nor does it smell like bread.

my vagina does not itch at all.

it's not a lot.

but, some of them roll like small tiny beads. when i touch them, they feel dry but when i squeeze them, they turn paste-like but still a little bit dry.

most of the discharge are white and like paste with a super tiny, little, wee but of water. The consistency is not watery at all. They are just like Paste (not glue, and not like in the glue stick) but not that sticky because when i scrape my nails against my undies and the discharge, the discharge sticks to my nail.

I expect my period to come around April 4 – April 9. But it'll come most prolly around april 6-8.

my last sexual contact was around 3 months ago and I am very sure that it cant' be STD because we dont have sex with other people. We are each other's only sex partner.

Im in my early 20's —- (im not sure if its relevant… but… )

we were both virgins…


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6 Responses to IS THIS NORMAL? White, Paste-like vaginal discharge?

  1. Artur X says:

    See a doctor.

  2. A W says:

    Unless you were both virgins when you started having sex, STD's are still a possibility. You say that you are each others only sex partners….did he ever have sex with a woman previous to you…AT ALL?

    Go to your gyn for a full check up, including for STDs and HPV.

  3. Julie R says:

    Sounds like regular yeast. Most women have some small amount of yeast at different times of their cycle and life and it is not enough to bother them or be an infection.

    If its not bothering you don't worry about. Try eating some plain, white yogurt to get some acidopholous (sp?)

  4. Bored_at_work says:

    Could be a yeast infection. They don't smell like bread! That's kind of funny.

    They sell stuff at the drugstore to treat it, so go get some and give it a try.

  5. sunshine says:

    Go c a doctor ASAP!!!!!!!!!

  6. erinn :) says:

    its yeast my dear :/
    but you can get a treatment at any drug store;
    so do that. if its still there after about 2 weeks,
    then see a doctor girll (:

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