Is thick white vaginal discharge an early symptom of pregnancy?


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11 Replies to “Is thick white vaginal discharge an early symptom of pregnancy?”

  1. I dunno about pregnancy, but I know it's a symptom of an infection. Call the doc. Now.

  2. Yes, it sure can be. Are you late, are your breasts super tender, do you feel sick? Take a test. When you are prego, the mucus in the vagina gets thicker and thicker until by 9 months you are going to wear a liner every day.

  3. Yes, when i was pregnant i had the same symptom. Don't worry it's nothing to worry about-take a pregnancy test just in case.

  4. My gosh, people can be so silly. No, actually, the time of the month right before a woman is fertile (about 3-5 days) she will have milky, creamy, or lotion-like cervical fluid/vaginal discharge. Also, is she becomes pregnant, she may see a similar discharge.

    If it is discolored, or has a foul odor, it may be a yeast infection.

    I would take a test! Good luck and take care.

  5. I cant believe these people telling you it sounds like a disease! How ridiculous. It could very well be a sign of pregnancy. But you really wont be able to find out for sure until you miss your period. Vaginal discharge goes from dry to sticky to moist to Egg white like when you are fertile. then after your fertile days you eventully begin to dry out again . It could be a little white and lotion like and then gradually get dry closer to your period. Its not a disease or yeast infection unless its foul smelling, itchy, yellow or green. A combination of any or all of those.

  6. Why do people ask "could I be pregnant" when pregnancy tests are sold at every drug store in the world?? Why wonder…just find out!!

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