Is thick, clumpy, yellow/light green vaginal discharge a sign of a yeast infection?


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It can't be Trichomoniasis since its a sexually transmitted disease, and I've never gone that far.
Well I've gone as far as kissing, not even touching or whatnot. Sometimes there is a smell, sometimes there isn't. It does get itchy once in a while.

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  1. It could be BV too which needs an antiobiotic. Go to the doc to know for sure b/c it won't clear up on its own.

  2. You don't have to have full sex to get a sexually transmitted infection. You should go and see a doctor and give a urine sample. They will do further tests if necessary.

  3. sounds like trichomoniasis… but you can catch tric from using the toilet after some one a rag things like that GOO TO THE DOCTOR… that is not a yeast infection!

  4. Yes that is most defantly the sign of yeast infection if it is accompanied with itching

  5. it could be some kind of infection because this happened to me and i was a virgin. it will go away eventually, just wear cotton panties and keep the area dry. Also, wear pantie liners everday.

  6. Does it smell? If so, it could be gonorrhea or trichomoniasis. Yeast infection material is white and looks like cottage cheese. You say you haven't done anything. Are you speaking of intercourse only? Any touchy-feely been going on? He touches himself, then touches you and then you are infected. I find it miraculously hard to believe nothing was going on and yet you have a clumpy, green discharge. Come clean with us here and we'll help you, ok? No reason to be ashamed.

  7. No honey that's no yeast infection i ever herd of. But don't get to worked up about it because what ever it is it can be treated. You can look on the paper or the box that the yeast infection cream comes in and it say stuff about yellow/light greenish vaginal discharge and see what it says to satisfied you.Good luck

  8. Even if you're sure it's not trich, you need to see a doctor. Treating a bacterial infection with OTC medication for a yeast infection will only exacerbate the condition and you need a doc to tell you whether it's yeast or bacteria (the OTC yeast stuff is for women who've had yeast infections before and KNOW that's what they have now.)

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