Is there anyway to get rid of a vaginal infection without antibiotics or going to the Doctors?


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Please please help me I think i have an infection it smells and theres horrid discharge please help i dont want to go to the doctors or go on antibiotics is there any way i can get rid of it?????? and dont say go to the doctors cos im not

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  1. if it's a yeast infection (does the discharge look like cottage cheese? is it itchy?) you can get monistat at the drugstore without having to go to the doctor. if it's a bacterial infection (is the discharge yellowish green? does it smell like fish?), you need to suck it up and go to the doctor before it gets worse. if you ever want children it could make you sterile if you leave it alone.

  2. Yes at the store they have medicated whips that will help you they are like baby whips but they get rid of and cure infections! you can usually find them on the tampon ile

  3. Well since you said you refuse to go to the doctor one of two things will happen. The infection, if that's what you have, since you haven't been to a doctor you will never know. Yes, your body may be able to fight it off on its own. Or, it can just get worse and worse and cause some pretty horrible symptoms or even irreversible damage because it is left untreated. Something as simple as a urinary tract infection that is easily treated with a simple trip to the doctor and a few days of antibiotics can cause permanent kidney damage if left untreated. Since it's your body no one can force you to go to the doctor. Like the other poster mentioned you can try the monistat creams, however, these are for fungal infections, and believe it or not there is always some good fungus and bacteria down there. If you kill off all the fungi and what you have is bacterial you are only going to make things worse for yourself. If you are going to be so stubborn that you cannot grow up and see a doctor to take care your self then just be prepared for what can happen if you don't go.

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