is my Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) gone?


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7 days ago i started my antibiotics for my BV ( just ended the pills this morning) but on the beginning (first pill of the day, i have to take 2 a day) of the 3rd day of taking the pills, me and my boyfriend had sex ..and on the 6th day (Halloween) we did as well.
is my BV gone do you think, could i even get it back?
i ask i am having a yellow discharge but it doesnt smell fishy like it did before when i noticed th BV but i dont know if its normal because its yellow could it from the antibiotics i was on or what is it?
oh by the way me and my boyfriend do not use condoms im on birth control, and no we dont have any STD’s we recently got checked for them together.
but im not looking for people to tell dont have unprotected sex, it already happened and im only looking to see the chances of me still have BV .
what are ways to tell?

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  1. The thing about bacterial vaginosis is it often reoccurs in many women. It can easily be triggered by anything, so you need to figure out what those things are, and prevent them.

  2. None of the symptoms of the infection seem to be bothering you- however in my experience antibiotics do not offer permanent releif from this infection. I would like you to read my story in detail to know more about bv. Please visit

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