apple cider vinegar for vaginal washing to cure yeast infection

is it safe to use apple cider vinegar for vaginal washing to cure yeast infection if your pregnant?


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7 Responses to apple cider vinegar for vaginal washing to cure yeast infection

  1. divyne_lyght says:

    Uh. SEE A F**KING DOCTOR. Jesus christ…

  2. Jesika G says:

    you may want to talk to your obgyn about it first…they might want to do it differently

  3. thebirdlady says:

    That's not going to cure a yeast infection. Instead, it will only make it worse! Have you been "washing" (douching) often? This is likely to have caused the imbalance that led to infection in the first place. You need to see a doctor.

  4. jenn27 says:

    STOP!!! You NEVER douch when you are pregnant!!!! If you force air up in your vagina when you are pregnant, it can be you and the baby!! See your doctor, she will prescribe you a safe yeast infection treatment.

  5. curiousboutwoman says:

    i heard plain yogurt is good really!!

  6. owllady1000 says:

    Douching with DILUTED cider vinegar will work for a yeast infection. It created an acidic environment so the bacteria can not live. HOWEVER you should ALWAYS seek the advice of a physician before doing anything when you are pregnant. They would probably advise using Monostat. It's works fast and usually will get rid of a stubborn yeast infection. You can buy it over the counter in any drug store and check on the package whether it is safe to use if pregnant. If you want to prevent these nasty infections, add more yogurt to your diet, as yogurt provides acidophiles. It's the good bacteria that resides in your vagina.

  7. Have Fun says:

    there is no doctor in your area?

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