Is it safe to repeatedly do a peroxide and water douche to help cure bv?


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I have done this before but never on a consistent basis The one time I did it helped me to feel better instantly. I had told my dr that I have done it and he didn't freak out. It doesn't hurt, unless I use too much peroxide-usually just 1/4 cups and 1/2 cup water . I want to do this because I have had BV for almost 2 years now and NOTHING works (disclaimer: Please do not write me and tell me to see my dr to get antibiotics, have been to the dr SEVERAL times since having bv; sometimes three and four times/ month and none of the antibiotics have been able to PERMANENTLY get rid of it. At this point I am willing to try anything because it is ruining my self esteem, my sex life with my husband who is very patient, and I'm starting to be very depressed at times-I have also tried yogurt topically and eating it EVERYDAY so please don't recommend that either. Hate to sound snotty but I'm fed up with this bv crap and I'd please just like an answer about my question).

Has anyone ever tried to douche with peroxide and water and had good results? Will this eventually mess up my insides? Has anyone had their bv to go away permanently, what helped it to go away?- I've gotten mine to leave for a couple weeks but it always starts back up again.

Also, I don't have a lot of faith in my dr at this point. Each time I go in to see him he does the same thing…prescribe antibiotics but they aren't wokring. The last time he says he wants to prescribe them for a few months instead of a weeks time! I'm scared of doing that because I already think I'm immune to them since I've taken them so many times and when I do the bv never seems to "move" at all. It's there from the time I start taking them to the time I stop….sigh. Please help.

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  1. Hydrogen Peroxide is produced naturally by bacteria in your vagina and kills yeast so you're not putting anything in there that it doesn't already have.

    But I suspect that if that really worked for you then you wouldn't still have problems – it was something that made you feel better though. Right? If so, then keep doing it. Yogurt may not have worked for you but it does the same thing as your douching by producing more latic acid down there.

    It's possible that you have a strain resistant bacteria, essentially what you have is immune to antibiotics. Definately what you have is a lousy doctor! I would start by finding the cause not just treating the symptoms. You may want to have your hormones checked because sometimes (although rare in young women) low levels of estrogen can cause BV. It might be the soap you use or even the underwear you wear.

    You may also try lowering your stress levels and overall sugar intake. BV thrives on sugar believe it or not which is why yogurt doesn't work unless it's unsweetened with as little sugar as possible. Even spaghetti sauce can have lots of sugar so read labels. I would definately find another physician to help you pinpoint the cause.

  2. Im Having the exact same issue as you! So you arent the only one! I know how you feel, and its horrible! And im now on my fourth doctor! But the last 2 times ive gone they havent given me anything! They are actually telling me my paps are coming back normal and that its just a normal discharge! So i dont know what to do anymore or who to beleive! I dont think you should try the douching, that might even make it worse. But my Dr. Told me to use a certian soap, its dove for sensative skin. And it actually helps just a little. Also if you wear thong underwear that isnt good either, your vagina needs to breathe and get some air up there which thongs dont help! So try cotton underwear or boy shorts whatever you prefer. And if your discharge isnt to much at night try sleeping with nothing. it may sound weird but your vagina will be able to "breathe" Thats what my doc told me.

  3. This sounds very similar to another question, I’ll answer like I answered that – whether you like it or not it would be idiotic for someone to praise or support you harming your health by using this method to attempt to treat BV. There is no point in asking this question when you are going to ignore peoples answers when they suggest ideas to you. The fact is you are sick of having BV, but you are unwilling to take treatment seriously, instead you are determined to purposefully use something that will make the infection and your general vaginal health worse.

    Fact is if you have BV douching isn’t going to solve the problem it will make it considerably worse as well as risk other health problems such as pelvic infections, infertility, higher risk of STD’s, and vaginal damage. Douching causes BV, it will push any existing infections (BV) further up into your vagina which can lead to pelvic infections which in turn can leave you infertile. Douching washes away natural vaginal fluids and flora, this leaves your vaginal walls without protection so they can become split which leads to infection and puts you at significantly higher risk of STD’s, it also washes away beneficial bacteria as it can’t tell the difference between good and bad bacteria. What you’re using is a mild acid, this is interfere with vaginal pH which in turn will only make the infection worse as interfering with vaginal pH in turn causes problems with bacterial balance.

    The ONLY thing that works for BV is antibiotics, period.

    It’s bacterial so no matter what home treatments you use nothing will kill off the infection, it is true that BV can go away by itself but this is in mild cases and when you have good vaginal health – douching is bad vaginal health. If your doctor is not testing you for BV every time you visit then make sure that they do, I’ve dealt with many women determined they have BV based on their vaginal odour but it’s actually turned out that it’s their normal healthy smell and they’ve never had BV to begin with.
    Did they tell you which bacteria it was?
    Did they also tell you the pH?
    It might be worth finding out, you may be getting ready to use this acid, when your vagina is already too acidic and you need to neutralise it. There is also one extreme treatment, not antibiotics but an ‘alternative’ treatment called laser light therapy, where all the bacteria are killed, good and bad, then good bacteria are reintroduced into the vagina.

    If you are going to insist on wasting your time and making your infection and general vaginal health worse at least try something safer like boric acid, rather than hydrogen peroxide douche, it will have exactly the same effect only with less of a risk, a boric acid suppository product called Yeast Arrest which also contains the herbs oregon grape root and calendula, or you can make your own suppositories using ingredients from a pharmacy. Yogurt will do nothing but help support the yeast within your vagina, healthy vagina means more chance fighting off infections but won’t cure BV, if you don’t like eating yogurt or inserting it into your vagina try taking acidophilus up to 6-8 caps a day. Tea tree oil, a few drops in water to dilute and washed around your vagina or on the tip of an internal menstrual product will help – also try adding some to your washing machine when washing underwear.

    BV although not an STD can be passed back and forth between partners, also if sexually active you should be using condoms, this is because semen can cause BV due to it’s differing pH, but also look at lubricants as some can contribute to BV in some women. There are two other major causes of BV, the first being hygiene, if a woman washes too often this can cause problems but in most cases it comes down to using soaps or washes. Your vagina self-cleans so all you need is water to clean yourself, soaps can interfere with delicate balances within your vagina which can cause infections – same goes for douching, perfumes, wipes and 'feminine washes'. The second major cause is tampons or commercial pads, tampons are horrifically bad for vaginal health as they encourage bacterial growth, prevent vaginal cleaning, and commercial sanitary products contain chemicals that affect vaginal pH. Instead use menstrual cups, softcups, or even sponge or organic tampons, and cloth or organic pads. Even if symptoms of BV don’t come on directly during or after these things they can be enough to slightly throw vaginal flora and pH off balance, then the slightest thing can make it worse thus causing infections. General rules apply too; don't put anything into your vagina that you would not put into your mouth. Stay clean and dry, wear white cotton panties, avoid wearing anything to bed and avoid tight or synthetic clothing as these make your genitals warm and moist, perfect for bacteria and yeast. Check yourself from time to time to make sure everything is okay and get regular medical check-ups, also keep the rest of your body healthy. Always wipe from front to back after you've been on the toilet. Practice safe sex if sexually active, use condoms and lubrication, don't move anything from anus to vagina without cleaning, make sure hands are clean when touching vagina or vulva, no sugary foods in your vagina during sex play, pee after sex and wash with water to flush away bacteria from your vulva

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