Is it possible for semen to cause vaginal odor?


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My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for 6 months so he always ejactulates inside of me. I have a vaginal odor and it smells like fish, but not really stong. Its a light smell after sex mosty. Almost a month ago I was treated for bacterial vaginosis but the symptoms arent the same. Could the smell just be from semen being up there for such a long period of time?
We have sex every day or every other day.

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  1. Make sure you go to the bathroom immediately after sex, it prevents bladder infections and it can get rid of most of the semen. If the smell bothers you, you can try to douche.

  2. I know that after I have sex, there is a different smell than beforehand. Usually semen actually works its way out of you shortly after sex, so it doesn't actually stay up there for too long. Natural body mechanics flush it out.

  3. I have found that the seamen didn't exit as quickly as I would like it to. I used to douche but the OB told me that this was something they discourage. So I stopped.
    So occassionally if I didn't get up rather soon after sex and the seamen maybe didn't run down and out as it would if I got out….it would give off an odor the next day. Also it has depended on how long it had been since my husband had had his last orgasm. Some times his stuff has a bit of an odor and gets worse by the next day in those cases.
    I think If i was young and getting it very frequently, I'd still be douching no matter what the doctor says. I just like feeling clean.

  4. It's possible that a combination of your love lube and his baby badder commingling in your clam could cause a bit of a stench. It's normally a good idea to take a wiz then little ho bath (give your undercarriage a bit of a 'How do you do?') after sex. Your partner should dust off the old gristle missile after a romp as well. Happy humping!

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