is it normal to have a foul vaginal odor after 2-3 weeks of undergoing a colposcopy?


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oops! I had douche because I can't stand the odor anymore. I also have this dark brownish coffee grain like discharge which according to my Gyne is normal after the colposcopy/biopsy..what I didn't expect is the foul odor.. and it's already been almost 3 weeks since I had the colposcopy.

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  1. Unless the doctor performed some sort of surgical procedure such as taking large biopsies or cutting out a growth you should not be having any odor of any kind. The doc would normally have given you post-op instructions…what do they say?

    Are you having any drainage? Colors of any kind – yellow, green or grey are warning signs something is wrong.

    Do you have a temperature? Any fever over 100.5 is a sign of infection.

    Any pain? If you are having any pain of any kind in your pelvic area something is not right.

    I recommend you contact your gyn first thing in the morning and report your symptoms. Tell the doc/np if you have any of the other signs I've mentioned, especially the odor. Don't douche as this can impair the doctor's ability to diagnose your problem. (don't worry, we are used to all the smells you can imagine and more besides. We can often tell what the problem is FROM the smell!)

    If you develop a high fever (over 102.5) or any pelvic pain go to an ED or urgent care. Or call your doc tonight – every one has an answering service that can take your call. Don't worry about bothering the doc after hours…it's what they make the big money for 🙂 Plus, any decent physician or np would rather you call when it's a little problem than wait until you have a truly serious one!

    Good luck.

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