Irritated and Itchy vagina and white thick discharge not like cottage cheese and no odor.?


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Came on period November 16th until the 22nd of 23rd and had unprotected sex on December 3rd around time of ovulation or a few days before but I know sperm can live up to 72 hours in the body before fertilizing the egg. Had protected sex December 7th so all of this around the time of ovulation and I think the condom might have tore on the 7th. I came on my period on the 13th and have protected on the 14th it was only about a 3 and ¼ or 4 day and they are usually about 6. This week I’ve been having a brown discharge with a little light spotting for about 2 days and now its gone…What could it be pregnant and bacterial infection too or what someone please help…It still itches and its been like this since after my period in November could having sex make it worse. My side on the left of my back also hurts and after taking baths or showers and using certain soaps I feel irritated down there and that first time I go to pee once I get out it burn a little is the soap not mild enough…Could it be a UTI, kidney infection, yeast or bacterial infection, pregnancy.
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  1. u have a yeast infection. sex makes it itchier…go to the doctor cuz its gunna get worse and worse. i had one…huge pain in the ass.

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