increased vaginal discharge or leaking amniotic fluid?


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im 31 weeks pregnant and for the past few weeks i have noticed that anytime i stand up or sneeze i get a small amount of clear oderless fluid that wets my pants. i went in for an ultrasound and the u/s tech said that my amniotic levels were low only at 8cm of water, and if i get down to 5cm it can call for an early delivery. but im not sure if this watery substance is infact the amniotic fluid or just increased discharge?

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  1. I've heard that amnoiotic fluid has a sort of sweet smell (sorry to be gross) to it. If you think you have amniotic fluid leaking you need to get to a DR ASAP. Even if it is a pinhole sized tear it can be serious.

  2. Put on a clean pad and lay down for 30 min to an hour. After that, stand up and see if there is any liquid there. Amniotic fluid pools in the vagina and would come out when you stand up. Make sure to call you doctor too, this could be serious. Better to be safe than sorry. Good Luck!

  3. first of all, your amniotic fluid is very important. it's good that (if that's what this fluid is) it is clear. if your amniotic fluid gets low or is non existant, you run the risk of infection and your pregnancy/delivery will be very painful(more than normal)… this fluid may also be pressure on your bladder. you say it only happens when your moving like standing up or sneezing, this may be the baby and placenta putting pressure on your bladder. If you continue to have this watery discharge, you need to take special care NOT to allow your 'area' to stay 'wet' all the time, this will cause a yeast infection. I know this because I had too much pressure on my bladder when I was 39 weeks prego and my bladder was letting a little fluid out, I tried and tried to change clothes, underwear and keep it dry but I got my first and only yeast infection ever. It was gone by the time I had the baby but it wasn't pleasant

    I would say, if your doctor is worried about it, you should be worried about it. If your doctor is not worried about it, then you should find out WHY he/she is not worried. Your doctor, especially an OBGYN is supposed to comfort you and teach you about what is going on with your body at this strange/changing time. If your doctor is not discussing this with you, I would try to get into see another doctor or maybe trying to talk to his/her nurse and maybe she can help with your questions.

  4. This is a tough call, it could be either. I was told I had low fluid levels at one point also, but then I had another ultrasound and they discovered the tech had misread it and they were fine.

    It's common to have "gushes" of discharge, especially in the last month, but it's so hard to differenciate. Amniotic fluid smells very sweet, although I've never smelled it myself (2 c-sections) but Dr's told me that it's a very distinctive smell. So it's sounds gross, but smell the stuff and try to describe it over the phone to the Dr's office and they can tell you whether or not it is something to be seen for 🙂

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