Im having a thick, white vaginal discharge what could it be?


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I used to be on the depo shot and have been off of it since august. I had sex two weeks ago using the "pull out method". And just yesterday i started having a really thick white none smelling discharge. does this sound like pregnancy or an std or something? im making a dr appointment tomorrow but right now im freaking out and would like to have some input on what it may be. thanks!

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  1. It’s nothing!
    As long as it’s not yellow or smelly, you’re pretty much fine
    You might want to double check with a gyno
    But I’m pretty sure it’s nothing

  2. Oh my, I hope you don’t think the pull out method is a good pregnancy prevention. A short lesson on how the penis works: because urine and sperm come out of the same tube the body must make the tube safe for sperm. Urine is acidic and will kill sperm if any is left in the tube. So….in order for the body to overcome that issue it creates calpers fluid, or better known as precum. This fluid contains sperm and lines the tube, some is also excreted from the penis when it is erect.

  3. It’s really normal!
    If it was yellow or smelly, you’d probably have an infection, but since it’s white and it doesn’t smell you don’t need to worry about it.

    But you could still go to the doctor, he/she will clarify you about your body and answer any question you ask 🙂

    About the "pull out method", it is very "dangerous"! When the penis is erect, it expels a little amount of sperm even if the man doesn’t ejaculate. You can get pregnant like that, so I suggest you find a good birth control, like the pill or even better, condoms.

  4. If you have been having itching or irritation or even a burning sensation, discomfort or burning when urinating, with swelling or redness….a non-odorous thick white (almost cheese-like) discharge can be a yeast infection. which can be treated with anti-fungal medications.

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