If your girlfriend has a vaginal bacterial infection can the man catch it?

If my girlfriend has a bacterial infection and I have sex with her not aware of it. Is it possible for me to catch the same infection, like with yeast?


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  • can i cause my gf a vaginal infection
  • My girlfriend got a bacterial infection can I get it
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4 Responses to If your girlfriend has a vaginal bacterial infection can the man catch it?

  1. ?Nurse Critter '09? says:

    The bacterial infection may cause urethritis in the male, but generally doesn’t cause problems in men. however, you may continue to transmit it back to her and she may continue to have bacterial vaginitis. It’s best for both of you to get treated at the same time, abstain from sex without a barrier until the doctor gives her a clean bill of health

  2. KnowsEverything773 says:

    While it is possible, it is rather unlikely. I would talk to your girlfriend and suggest she see her gynecologist about getting on an antibiotic that is targeted to get rid of her bacterial infection. In the meantime, perhaps it couldn’t hurt to refrain from sexual contact.

  3. cowboydoc says:

    Bacterial infection is a virus and a virus can be spread through contact so, these people that say don’t worry aren’t the ones doing it, you are, maybe she could give you a hand job instead.

  4. No Pictureâ„¢ says:

    Get rid of her and find as clean girlfriend.

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