If you get a lot of vaginal discharge does that mean you have a high libido?


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9 Responses to If you get a lot of vaginal discharge does that mean you have a high libido?

  1. sarah says:

    Or you have a yeast infection, maybe?

  2. The Eagles Fan (iamrulz26) says:

    Women’s Health is over there —>

  3. AlejandrØ™ Is Not Amused says:

    This isn’t Women’s Health.

  4. Results may vary says:

    idk… try douching…. repeatedly!!! D=

  5. r.r² says:

    Or that you really needed to take a piss.

  6. Dizzay.com says:


  7. Black Sword says:

    Hi "just about had enough of your crap"

    No…Some woman have a very large amount of discharge while having vaginal sex and some when they orgasm… Others do not !!! Some woman have problems getting "wet" enough to have sex without adding a lubricant…

    So by your description I don’t know if you are squirting your partner in the eye at that moment of ecstasy or just leaving a large wet spot, however either are normal…I would still discuss it with my OB/GYN if I was a woman in your position …

    Now if the discharge ever gains color or foreboding smells seek medical attention ASAP …

    Oh and stock up on heavy duty bath towels :)

    Have A Great Day …

    Greg …

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