if someone has herpes, will they always have a odor in their vaginal area?


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14 Replies to “if someone has herpes, will they always have a odor in their vaginal area?”

  1. I dont want to get close enough to find out, then i might have a constand odor on my nose.

  2. Hmm, I think my co-worker has herpes. She always has a bad odor coming from her vagina.

  3. depends on if they are driving in their car and have an old big mack stuck under the seat.

  4. no. I used to date a woman who had it. i dont know about when she had an outbreak though.

  5. Aarrrrgh!! I suggest using douche at least once a month.
    'Springtime Fresh!'

  6. NO… the two are not linked. If there is an odor issue, you need to see your doctor to rule out a vaginal infection. However, with herpes you are more susceptible to other STDs and HIV. DO NOT DOUCHE!!! The vagina is a self cleaning organ. Douching usually just pushes bacteria further into the vagina can actually cause infection or make a current infection worse. See your doctor.

  7. No odors usually come from infections bacterial or yeast.

    Hope this helps Good Luck and God Bless.

  8. nope its not linked.most common cause for odor in vagina is usually linked with bacterial vaginosis (non std inflammation which is caused by lack of lactobasilli in genital area) and its treated with antibiotics.

  9. no odor and there is not always a sign of herpes. some people are carriers only -use a condom and always discuss a health history with your partners.

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