I know I ovulated, is it normal to have white, slimy vaginal discharge after ovulaion?

I recently stopped breastfeeding my son who is 10 months old. Hubby and I are ttc #2. About a week after breaking him from breastfeeding I started to feel the small pains like I was ovulating so I got the urine ovulation tests. I took the first test that night (12/28/06) and it said I was definatly ovulating so hubby had sex that night, and the following 2 nights, and we had, had sex the previous night also. The problem was everytime I took the urine ovulation test the next 4 days it said I was still ovulating (same 2 dark purple lines). According to the tests I was ovulated from 12/28 to 12/31. Is that possible? And starting yesterday I have had a white, slimy vaginal discharge it has no smell so I know its not an infection.
I also have the saliva test and it had ferns all over it on 12/28. (The saliva test had the ferns for 2 days including 12/28.) So should I go on what it said?

Someone please help me. Is this normal?


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4 Responses to I know I ovulated, is it normal to have white, slimy vaginal discharge after ovulaion?

  1. KitKat says:

    Yes..ovulation is 2-3 days long and the discharge is normal too.

  2. courtney b says:

    Sounds like you are ovulating to me. The discharge is normal. Check out Fertilityfriend.com for more info.

  3. Just Me says:

    That discharge definitely sounds like normal discharge when you're ovulating. You usually do ovulate for 2-3 days as well so i think the tests are right.

    Good luck TTC #2!!!

  4. californya_girlygirl says:

    Actually it should be clear & stretchy/slimy, resembling a raw egg white, also in consistency. (In medical terms, a health care professional or doctor will point out that it is an excretion called cervical mucous, because a "discharge" is considered abnormal or associated with infection.)

    I took a natural family planning class, learning quite a bit about the process of fertilizaton. A good place to find an abundance of information is fertilityfriend.com, you will also find stories & blogs as well. You'll find Alicia's story (recent site blogs, "You want me to stick what, in where?!?!?!?!") amusing, as well as interesting & informative.

    Best wishes to you & your growing family!

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