I keep getting vaginal discharge in my panties … Don’t have period !?


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Ps have been getting discharge since the fourth grade and I am currently in seventh grade!

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  1. If you have any itching it could be a yeast infection. Or maybe your body is just preparing you for when you do start getting periods.

  2. It’s natural. It’s happened with me and I have it a lot now since I’m on birth control. If it’s clear you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. (Clear/white)

  3. I’m the exact same! I’ve had discharge since fourth grade, and I’m in seventh grade! I want my period, and it sounds like you do too. Everyone tells us there’s no way, and unfortunately they’re right. A girl can get her period anywhere between the ages of 8-17. But if you haven’t gotten yours by the time you’re 16, check with your doctor just in case. Best of luck!

  4. every female has regular discharge- that is how your vagina Cleans itself

    if you have not started your period the Discharge is a Sign that it will soon start


    Discharge and secretions from and of the vagina are a normal, healthy part of how that anatomy works and part of the reproductive system functioning, even if they somehow seem weird.

    The vagina — which is not the whole of that genitalia, called the vulva, but the flexible tube behind the vaginal opening and inside the body — is a passageway between the outside of the body and the internal reproductive system. The pH balance of the vagina is acidic, with "good" bacteria that has co-evolved that helps keep infections away. Vaginal secretions are how the vagina cleanses and regulates itself — how amazing is that? — in the same sort of way that saliva helps keep our mouths clean and healthy.

    Normal discharge
    is clear and thin — that sort of discharge usually occurs around ovulation, and vaginal secretions during sexual arousal may also have this appearance
    is white or slightly yellowish and thick (but does NOT have curdy "chunks") — much like the consistency of paste, this sort of discharge tends to occur during less fertile times in the monthly cycle
    has a mild but not unpleasant odor or scent
    may have a brown tint just before or just after menses.
    is generally moderate — not too profuse or too scanty
    will appear on your underpants, or on your inner labia a lot of the time

    Normal discharge is just that: normal. It’s not anything to be scared or embarrassed about, there’s nothing wrong with it, and vaginas need it around to stay healthy. We don’t worry about the saliva that’s in our mouths, or worry it might be gross, and the same goes here. Without these discharges, we’d have some problems — infections more often, uncomfortable sex and the vagina would start to smell pretty darn funky, just like our mouths do when they don’t stay clean and hydrated. We need all this slippery stuff.

    Discharge that is NOT normal, but a likely signal of infection or illness may:
    be chunky or very heavy, with small curds like cottage cheese
    be very watery, or consistently profuse
    have a strong odor
    be grayish, greenish, yellow or pinkish

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