i have an itchy vagina but there’s no smell, discharge, or anything… what might it be?


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I have an itchy vagina, but no smell, discharge, or any other pain/itching.. what might it be?
THERE IS A POINT TO THIS!!! i’m sorry there’s a tid bit of reading to fully understand what’s going on.

okay so, it’s saturday. my boyfriend and i broke up/decided to take a break last sunday evening. monday, he had sex with another girl and then lied about it (i didn’t find out the truth until today). without knowing this, i went over to his place to talk to him about what’s going on between us. we talked for a while and whatnot and then i ended up spending the night that night… and the next night..

we had unprotected sex (i know, stupid. stupid. stupid.) both nights. and then the other day i noticed my vagina was unusually itchy. this continued for the last couple of days.

there’s no soreness, no burning, no vaginal discharge, no cloudy urine, no smell, no swollen-ness of the vulva or anything..
it’s not crabs because 1) i don’t see any of them (i’m trimmed pretty well) 2) i talked to him about the chick and he said that she said she’s clean (she’s also already pregnant so i guess she was already tested) and 3) he’s not showing any signs of crabs, irritation or any kind of problems since then.
it’s just the entrance of my vagina that’s bothering me.
i’ve been using vagisil to stop the itchy but it only works until it wears off. then it starts to bother me again. i don’t know if it’s a yeast infection or mild irritation or possibly an std…


it's not hairs growing back, i know what that feels like. and it's not dirty, i take showers every day and make sure to always wipe from to back and to not touch my vagina with dirty hands.

it's like the entrance of my vagina that itches. it's not the vulva (lips, clitoris, and the surrounding area), but my actual vagina between the labia/lips.

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  2. an STD called crabs, little crab like bugs that move around on your… genitals and bite you which makes you itch.

  3. Could it be that you have shaved it just a few days ago and the hairs are now starting to grow?

  4. Its not an STD its called an overgrowth of bacteria in the Vaginal opening.Go to your local health department and ask for 500mg of Amoxicillin and it will clear it up. Do not use vagisil use Miconazole its an over the counter med.it will definitely help. Also use dial antibacterial soap u may be a little irritated. Ok is your boyfriend circumsized? If not tell him to make sure that he pulls back the skin properly and clean it really good that could be irritating u to ok good luck

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