I have a white thick discharge when I wipe in and around the external part of my vagina and on my undies.?


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Sometimes when I wipe its a little brown…There is no foul odor but it itches…Could it be a yeast infection or what…..The discharege is thick and white but not like cottage cheese. Anyone ever expierenced this please help

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  1. um well b4 the period i got the white, but right when my period started it was like brownish..but the itching could mean infection..idk i would just watch it and if it gets worse go tot he doctor

  2. Sounds like it could be a yeast infection. I'd try an over the counter treatment, and if that doesn't work, see a doc.

  3. Have you ever gotten your period?? If not, the brown discharge is a sign that your probably getting it soon. The white discharge is normal. I don't know about the itching tho….

  4. well it dont sound lik a problem to me!!!! but nine times out of ten its either uti or yeast infection…either one can make you itch a little…but you defintely should be careful with ur panties that you wear…i wear panty liners every single day…thong pantliners are great tooo!!!! that discharge is horrible so its best if you get panty liners…and also drink cranberry juice as much as possible and alot of water!!!! but everything sounds ok nothin out of the ordinary…so dont worry!!!!

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