I have a vaginal discharge that smells like road kill, whats wrong with me?


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8 Replies to “I have a vaginal discharge that smells like road kill, whats wrong with me?”

  1. you probably need some antibiotics. i had the same problem when i was a teenager. and the doctor gave me some meds. he didn't really know what causes it but you should call your doctor and let them know.

  2. to sum up yeast infection,std or something you ate and yes it can cause odor on the vagina with it being a discharge though i would rule out food yeast infection probably

  3. Did you accidentally forget to take a tampon out? (if its been a couple of days it could be jammed in there and you may have to dig it out; i know gross!) This could cause this. Or maybe a yeast infection.

  4. It sounds like a bacterial infection. See your gynecologist and they will be able to prescribe you an antibiotic you can take orally or vaginally in a cream. Have it checked soon before it does any permanent damage.

  5. maybe you have a badger or woodchuck in your hooch. Try luring it out with a dangling carrot or a peanut butter sandwich. If all else fails call animal control and they have this snare on a pole they can jimmy right up that canal and corral that critter.

  6. You could have a bacterial infection. I would have your Dr. check it as soon as you can. Don't let it go.

  7. Did something crawl up your @ss and die?

    Honestly, you are concerned about foul-odor vaginal discharge or vaginitis, especially if there is a possibility that it may be a sexually transmitted disease, then you should immediately seek advice from her family planning clinic and gynecologist. A vaginal swab is necessary for culture.

  8. After seeing your gyno, you also need to watch out on the feminine hygene.

    You may want to use K'zanah Manjakani Plus Feminine Wash with manjakani, daun sirih and aloe vera, fulfils a woman's needs for freshness and confidence, and loving care for her most intimate area. It is soap-free to clean mildly yet effectively to preserve the pH 3.5 balance. It does not cause irritation and discolouration unlike regular soaps and cleansers.
    You'll love the long-lasting cleanliness, freshness and softness that come with K'zanah Manjakani Plus Feminine Wash.

    • Protects from unpleasant odour, even during menstrual flow
    • Protects from itch and discomfort
    • Protects from discolouration


    Another one is Feminine Cleanser with Sireh Extract. Sireh or Piper Betel, kind of herbs that have these benefits:

    • Natural antiseptic properties combat infections which cause irritation, unpleasant odour and vaginal discharge
    • Astringent action helps to tighten and tone the vaginal walls


    Or you can try Martina Martha Tilaar Rempah Cuci – A Jamu products (Javanese herbs) that are made from 100% pure herbal ingredients.

    A traditional preparation used as a feminine wash. Contains fragrant herbs that have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. This external preparation also helps relieve excessive white discharges and itchiness in the vagina. Recommended for use after menstruation, childbirth and sex.


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