I have a milky white discharge coming out of my vagina that is cloudy white,what is it?

I have a cloudy milky white discharge coming out of my vagina.It's not thick and it has a slight odor,but nothing strong,occasionaly at times when it comes out I have a slight burning feeling,nothing strong.Could this be a yeast infection?


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3 Responses to I have a milky white discharge coming out of my vagina that is cloudy white,what is it?

  1. i got a pocket full of sunshine! says:


  2. MetalNat says:

    if its white, it may be a yeast infection.

    clear/mostly clear = regular discharge

  3. gi gi =) says:

    it might be an infection.. you should feel no burning at all.. discharge is a symptom of an infection but it also might just because of your period.. discharge is a way of the vagina cleasing itself.. eitha way get it checked our drink plenty of cranberry juice (no cocktail the real thing) and water, it flushes out ur system.. good luck

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