I have a brown discharge coming out of my vagina, does anybody know what it might be?


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I might be pregnant.
And it is kind of blood colored but more brown and mucousy like regular discharge
I had sex last month, and I shouldn't be getting my period for about another week or so, and I was concerned that I may be pregnant.

3 Replies to “I have a brown discharge coming out of my vagina, does anybody know what it might be?”

  1. r u young? it could be ur period.
    but if u have sex, then wait a month and take a pregnancy test?
    maybe if u havent had ur period for a while it could be miscarriage 🙁

  2. Well if you have never gotten your period before then it probably is your period. But if not then idk!

  3. I had a misscariage like a month ago and i was not suppost to have sex for 3 weeks after but i did anyways and i was bleeding for about 2 weeks after i had my miscarrage and then i got put on to birhtcontrol in that same month. and now this month a new month i have brwn discharge and im freaking out, i can not be pregnate again

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