I have a bad odor from inside my vagina, why is this?

I have a bad odor from inside my vagina. I wash my vagina it still smells. I noticed it was bad once during entercourse. That was the first & really only time I smelled it during entercourse. I do remember a guy saying somthing about it when I first started having sex, & after everytime I have sex w/ a guy they want nothing more to do with me. This must be why. It comes from inside, not the outside. I always wash the outside of my vagina & between the lips, but not inside my hole, are you suppose to? If so, with soap? I used a dush a couple of times but it didnt get any better. Before then I never dushed and after that I still dont. This bad odor thing has been going on since I was 17, Im now 22. I told the doctors at the clinc and they gave me paps & said eveything looked normal. I think once I even got some medication for it, but it didnt work. It was like one or two pills to take and that was it. I took them with coke, maybe thats why it didnt work? Anyone please help.


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5 Responses to I have a bad odor from inside my vagina, why is this?

  1. organizeddivas says:

    You need to see a gynocologist. It sounds like Bacterial Vaginosis.

  2. NormalGirl says:

    It's good that you've had it checked out by a doctor, but if it's really worrying you then maybe you should go back and see them again. It could be caused by any number of things, from Thrush to some kind of STI. It could also be completely normal, as all women smell different, and some are more 'fragrant' than others!

  3. darla b says:

    if you are for real…then the real answer may be what you are eating. For instance Tuna eaten can cause a very fishy odor in your vagina. Also some medications can cause odors. Plus if you are just drinking cokes you could be dehydrated and that can cause an odor. The vagina has a recommended pH and if it gets out of the normal it will smell. Bottom line check the things you are eating and taking in through your mouth.

  4. college_gal_83 says:

    Since you have been tested for things, there really probably isn't anything wrong. You may need to change your diet. Eat natural foods. Avoid asparagus. Eat Pineapple because it can make you smell nicer.

  5. guy says:

    Try to flush with a solution of vinegar and water 50/50 every second day for a weak. See if that help. If it is only when you with somebody that it happen try to flush it every time after you had sex.

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