I had my baby 2 weeks ago and now i am having vaginal discharge that smells like poop, is this normal?!?


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i had to get stiches on both sides of my vagina because i tore a little bit. I am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or if it is weird to be having vaginal discharge that comes out and smells like poop everyday. Its yellowish colored but it reaks of poop to me. I am also itching down there alot but people are telling me thats because i am healing down where my stiches are. please help me!! i have a doc. app. next friday but i just wanted to see if anyone else has had/ heard of this problem.

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  1. I had a lot of stitches and had problems with the itching also. The best thing I used was my baby's diaper rash ointment. It's a little embarassing but it is worth it.

  2. I'd get to the Dr NOW…sounds like you have an infection…and if you let it go too long it will only get worse…

  3. Is it normal? I don't think so, just call your doctor and ask him/her the same question and see what they say. Your vagina doesn't contain any feces (poop) it is supposed to stay in your intestines. It can also be bacteria producing their smelly wastes, which can be a sign of an infection, see a doctor ASAP if it is irritating.

  4. my discharge smelled not pleasant at all. it sounds normal to me. but i'm not a dr. if you're concerned just bring it up when you're at your appt. i had the same thing though, and everything was just fine with me! no infection at all.

  5. If you are having a discharge that smells of feces that is NOT normal …you could have a small tear in the back of your vaginal wall that is leaking bowel products through from your bowels.
    See your doctor …tell him you are worried that you have an
    anal vaginal fistula (the medical term for the problem). See the doctor soon as it could cause alot of infection problems and you should be given surgery and also antibiotics.

  6. I'm not sure about the poop smell, but I've heard of having a fishy smell with discharge and itching, which is a yeast infection. I think you may have a bacterial infection. I would suggest getting an earlier appointment and stress your concerns. They should want to see you right away. I recently had a bacterial infection and they prescribed Clindesse, which worked very well and cleared up the symptoms within a matter of a day. Good Luck with that and don't let it go another day. Hope that helps!

  7. The itching is normal. The dicharge sounds kinda different than what I experienced. I had heavy bleeding, kinda smelly but not like poop and not yellow? Maybe you have an infection?? I'm not a medical expert but thats how it sounds to me. Definately check with your Doctor. Congradulations on your new baby!!

  8. Wow, that is very distressing for you! 🙁
    First up – congrats on your newest bundle.
    Now, the discharge…. No, I hate to say it, but that is not normal. You may have a yeast infection, or your stitches might have not healed properly – it almost sounds like you have fecal matter passing into the vagina. Personally, I would RUN to your OB, and I wouldn't wait. That sort of thing is better resolved sooner rather than later.
    I wish you all the best, and I hope it gets resolved soon! Hugs to you!

  9. I had stitches as well as the itching, but I never had any discharge that smelt of poop.. Call your doctor and make an appoinment to get in and see him/her something could be going on. Such as an infection or anything else… Best of Luck, and Congratulations on the baby……

  10. I don't think I would wait until next friday to find out why. call you doctor and ask them. tell them what you just told us and see what they have to say. maybe a few stitches did not take or ripped out…..sounds like an infection or something. my aunt had something like this happen to her and when the examed her they found they had left a small area open missed it. and it set up infection. take care and congrads on you new baby.

  11. Get to the Dr. PRONTO! Because your normal discharge is supposed to be brownish red almost like a period, that discharge is called lochia.

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