I gave birth vagina about 3 weeks ago and i have a horrible odor…?


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down there it smells like amonia on my pad which i can smell from a distance and i change my pad regular, but isnt helping. I has a raunchy odor too.
Anybody experience this?

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  1. Call your Doctor, you may have an infection. While bleeding there may be a "musky" smell from hormones but it should not smell raunchy.

  2. I would be concered too. I would suggest you ask your doctor about it and see what she/he says. Just keep changing it regularly. Make sure to wash and keep it clean. dont wear cloths too tight either
    good luck

  3. That sounds terrible… I would definately call the doctor asap sounds like something is not right.

  4. CALL YOUR DR ! it may be that your leaking urine but call him/her to make sure

    btw congrats on your little baby

  5. Some smell is normal, even period blood smells. (sorry to be so graphic)
    But, intense odor as you are describing is not normal and should be checked out. You can very well have some sort of infection and the vagina, unfortunatley is the PERFECT breeding ground for infections- warm, moist , and dark. Considering your very recent delivery that area is also more susseptable to infections as well.

    I would get it checked out ASAP.

  6. The ammonia smell could be urine leaking out – ]do your Kegels].
    The 'raunchy' odor is not normal – call the doc and see him/her ASAP. You could have an infection. [ I got one after my first delivery].

  7. make an appointment with you doctor as soon as possible!! this happened to me and i thought it was fine and would go away on it's own and it turned out to be a intection and took 6 weeks to clear up…

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